Prohibition RPG
pro·hi·bi·tion (noun):
The action of forbidding something, esp. by law.

Established: June 3, 2012
Admins are: ONLINE

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Prohibition's Policy

This role play is a 17+ role play. Will will not accept anyone under that age, as we are a mature role play with mature content. If you are underage, please do not apply.

We as admins have a very open door policy. If you ever feel like you need to reach one of us, the main page is the best option, but you can also reach us on our character pages. If you have any questions, comments or concerns just let us know.


  • You are required to make a separate tumblr just for your character within 48 hours of being accepted. No side blogs.

  • Open your ask and submit.

  • If you’re gone for longer than 2 weeks, we will give you a 1 week warning. If you do not respond, we will reopen your character. If you’re going to be gone, LET US KNOW! Pictures do not qualify as being active.

  • What’s your favorite song and movie? - For the question on the application “Have you read the rules?” - instead of a yes or no response, simply give us your response to this question. This way we know you read the rules :)

  • On your character page there MUST be a link back to the main RP.

  • Reblog as text!

  • You MUST follow everyone at all times! Be sure to interact with new members as well.

  • New Characters are required to post a self para within a month of becoming active. Show us a little bit of their history as well as some of their character. If you do not post a self para after receiving the notification, we will re-open your character.

  • All OOC chatter should be posted in the OOC blog. You will be given a link to join when you setup your account. If you haven’t received one, please message us.

  • OOC drama is NOT tolerated! If you feel someone is creating drama let us know. DO NOT POST IT ON THE DASH. You will receive one warning and one warning only. After that, you will be no longer welcome. If you are speaking OOC, be sure to take everyone’s feelings into consideration. Take an outsider’s perspective before you post. If what you are saying could be construed as offensive, or rude in any manner (no matter if you are joking or not) - DO NOT POST IT.

  • We encourage you to let a fellow rp-er know if they owe you or not. However, we do not condone pestering. If you are not happy with how quickly you are getting responses, kindly ask your fellow rp-er to respond. DO NOT PESTER THEM.

  • If you leave without notice, you will not be allowed back at Prohibition RPG.

  • Be sure to talk with your fellow RP-ers to discuss plots. If you are having issues, talk to the person you are plotting with and let them know your concerns. If the problem persists, then you may ask your admins for additional options.

  • Separate what you know IC and what you know OOC. If you are not a part of a para, then IC you don’t know what happened. Please do not use the “I was walking by and I heard this…” unless it is part of a discussed plot.

  • Please try to make your character as unique as possible. Do not infringe on other people’s characters plots. Be creative! Please let us know if you are planning or having trouble with plots so that we can approve of/help with them.

  • Try to keep your grammar as decent as possible. We understand spelling errors and what not, we are all human so please try your best.

  • Please be sure to abide by the bios that you are given. If there is a certain characteristic that was given, please utilize it to the best of your ability. To put it simply, do not make a mean character nice. On the same note, we are willing to change certain characteristics of your character, but ONLY during the application process. Once you become active on your character bio change requests will no longer be accepted.

  • Notify us of any MAJOR activities you would like your character to partake in (i.e.. marriage, death, murder, etc. we love BIG plot drops, but since we send them out generically, we would like all our plots to flow smoothly.

  • In order to keep plots moving as well as to keep members on their toes, we post writing challenges and character development challenges. These aren’t mandatory, but are great if you want to have a well rounded character.

  • We also partake in occasional IC chatzys. During these chatzys there is one main rule to keep in mind. EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED. Major plot drops that members are unaware of will be happening at these events. If you prefer not to be surprised, or deal with plot twists, participating in these events may not be for you

  • We highly recommend putting up a relationships page. This is so people can understand your background and the people you affiliate yourself with.

  • Please add the summary (About Character) to your page.

  • Converse with people in your class and the people that you work with! It makes the RP more cohesive.

  • We do have a four picture limit. (This includes, large gifs, gif sets, and other photos pertaining to your character.) The only time you’re allowed to post more than your allotted four is on an event day and you’re posting one picture of an outfit.

  • Characters that are involved in places such as the Montford PD, the Montford Gazette, and the Society Page are highly encouraged to help write arrest records, newspaper articles, and gossip columns at least every other week. If you are not involved in any of these, but wish to help; feel free to message the main page! We love help!!

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